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In times of globalization the role of culture is recognised as having a major impact on international business. Misunderstandings that are based on cultural differences can have negative effects on people and business. Intercultural training is a critical element in succeeding on the international stage. 

As a certified trainer for intercultural competence (Carl Duisberg Centren) and professional systemic coach (INeKO Institute of the University of Cologne) I am dedicated to working with people to help them attain the skills and knowledge that allow them to succeed in an international business environment. The passion for different cultures has always been the leading motivation of my life. I grew up with two cultural influences, since I am half German and half Italian. Therefore, I always wanted to work with people from many different countries. That is why I studied languages and economics. Moreover, I worked as Head of the Communication Team for ThyssenKrupp Information Services, an international IT Service Provider, for several years. After that, I spent some exciting years abroad, first in the Netherlands and later in the UK. During that time, I did some postgraduate studies in Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management at the University of London.

Throughout the last ten years I created and delivered tailor-made training concepts for several institutions and companies such as the German Parliament, ERGO, Generali, Lufthansa Technik, MAN Truck & Bus, Sanofi-Aventis Germany and ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe. Furthermore, I trained hundreds of international executives from Asian, African as well as South American countries that took part in the GIZ Manager Training Program in order to better understand German business culture and build up business contacts in Germany. Additionally, I developed intercultural training programs for Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. 

My training courses are highly interactive and a humorous, positive atmosphere is very important to me. As a professional systemic coach I assist and guide international business people by helping them clarify their visions and reach their personal goals. Besides classical seminars and coachings, I am specialized in innovative eLearning solutions.

eLearning Solutions

Intercultural Competence Program (ICP)

The ICP is an innovative program that helps you to increase your intercultural competence over a couple of weeks. The concept consists of interactive Live-Webinars and a variety of motivating learning units with big impact, like self-tests, quizzes, talks and inspiring videos. The online-plattform can be used from your pc, laptop, tablet or mobile. Learn where, when and how you want! 

Intercultural Team Training

Intercultural competence helps employees from different ethnic backgrounds to work together more effectively. The team training helps employees understand each other's cultural differences and fosters good teamwork and communication. Incorporate the diversity in your team and team members will be more productive and satisfied!

Web-based Coachings

The web-based coachings consist of live-webinars and self-coaching units and interesting information and videos on an online-plattform.  

Global Leadership 

Cultural sensitivity, flexibility and understanding are the keys to a successful leadership in the global marketplace. In my coachings I help international leaders understand the perceptions of their international workforce, customers and suppliers. The coachee will think about ways how to motivate and lead a virtual global team more effectively.

Expatriate Program (Germany, Italy, UK)

Moving abroad for a new job is always exciting. At the beginning of the assignment people are ususally highly motivated and there is so much to discover in the new country. But after a first "honeymoon period" many people experience a culture shock at work and in daily life. The Expatriate Program will help you to know more about culture shock, work-related values in your target country as well as factors that are important to a successful intercultural adjustment. Your individual needs and questions are at the centre of this program. 

Seminars & Workshops

I offer tailor-made intercultural training seminars for people working in an international environment to increase their cultural awareness and intercultural competence. The participants will learn about how countries differ regarding cultural dimensions like building trust, communication style, perception of time in project management as well as teamwork and leadership style. 

Furthermore, a country-specific program offers you a detailed insight into the values, history and business etiquette of a specific country. Cultural differences are a key issue in miscommunication, which can for example affect a smooth post-merger integration. 

Systemic Coachings

As a systemic coach I assist my coachees to broaden their spectrum of perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. Coaching helps to develop intercultural competencies in managers and teams in order to cope with the challenges in international business .

During the coaching process the coachee defines goals and together we will identify relevant issues and opportunities and will reflect on personal abilities as well as limitations. The coachee will also get assistance with his or her decision-making process in order to find solutions that just feel right!

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