Expatriate Training & Coaching

Moving abroad for a new job is always exciting. At the beginning of the assignment people are ususally highly motivated and there is so much to discover in the new country. But after a first "honeymoon period" many people experience a culture shock at work and in daily life. A training or individual coaching will help you to know more about culture shock and factors that are important to a successful intercultural adjustment. You will learn more about work-related values and behaviours in your target country in order to prepare you for a successful time abroad.

Partner coaching

Did you know that a lot of expatriate assignments fail or end prematurely because the partner does not feel happy in the new country? This does not cause stress among the expatriate and his family but it also costs the company a lot of money. Usually, it is the spouse that suffers the greatest culture shock. As I know from my own experience, the wives of expatriates spend a lot of time alone and are cut-off from their own family and friends. Moreover, these women might wonder if they will find a suitable employment and might be afraid that the assignment will damage their own careers. In an individual coaching we will talk about the main questions and anxieties, will discover personal strengths, find possibilities how to build up a new network and work on an action plan how the partner can use the time abroad for her personal and/or career development.