Country-specific Trainings & Coachings

Welcome to Germany!

Germany is the second largest country in Europe and its economy belongs to the most important in the world. Germany' s cultural characteristics, that have an impact on the country's economic success, are both unique and diverse. An intercultural training or coaching will give you an insight on the most important work-related values and behaviours. This will help you when negotiating deals or planning projects with your German business partners. Impatriates will learn more about their German colleagues and the German working style in an individual coaching.

Successful business in Italy!

In a group training or individual coaching you will develop a better understanding of your Italian counterparts: How is trust built up? What are important work-related values? What is their favourite communication style? You will be able to decipher relevant cultural characteristics and respond appropriately in your business context.

Europe - A fascinating cultural diversity

Europe has a great cultural diversity with many different attitudes on work and collaboration. Many European countries differ significantly in their communication and managerial style and the way they do business. These diferences can be challenging for a manager that is leading a European team or that has clients all over the continent. In a group training or individual coaching you will get to know better the cultural characteristics of the European countries you are mainly working with.

Doing business in China and Singapore

This training will offer you valuable insight into the business etiquette of your business partners in China and Singapore. Learn more about the concept of confucianism, how to build a trustful relationship and get to know successful negotiation techniques that will maximise the potential of your business relationships in these Asian countries.

Fruitful business relationships in the US

Although the culture of the United States is primarily a Western culture, it is influenced by the various ethnic groups like Latin Americans, Africans or Asians living there. This Training will inform you about American core values, business etiquette and you will learn more about the communication style many Americans favour.